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The police coached Lambeth Boxing Awards come under the umbrella of the Parallel Youth Enterprise.

Those young people who attend are on a 12 week non-contact boxing course. Coaches are from the community and the local police. The course currently runs on Wednesday evening with another fitness class running on Saturday morning. Both courses are currently attended by approximately 20 young people.


•       Divert young people into positive activities using the GB boxing awards programme

•      Improve relationships with the police and community, especially the young people

•      Encourage young people into employment, education and training (ETE) using a range   of ETE providers

•      Increase community cohesion across Lambeth

Lambeth Boxing Awards


On 25th February 2014, Dwayne Simpson, a resident of Angell Town was tragically murdered not far from his home address. Prior to his death Dwayne started a boxing club in Angell Town Community centre with a few others. Dwayne had found these sessions a positive influence in his life and could see the difference they were making in the life of others.

Following Dwayne’s death, his mother Minister Lorraine Jones met with the borough commander of Lambeth Police, Chief Superintendent Richard Wood. One of the outcomes birthed from this meeting was the development of a larger community run boxing project supported by Lambeth Police




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The boxing courses take place near the Angel Town Estate in Brixton

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